Brendel from Preuss/Krasnopole

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Brendel from Preuss/Krasnopole

Сообщение KBrendelP » 06 янв 2019, 20:08

I would be very grateful for any information about my great-grandfather Joseph Brendel and/or his family lineage.

Joseph Brendel was from Preuss/Krasnopole.
Unknown parents, and birth date.

Joseph was married to Margaretha (born Minor) Brendel.
They had two children Michael (born 1894) and Anna (born 1897).
Joseph died in a milling accident in Preuss, somewhere between 1897 - 1912.*
*oral history from my grandfather, Michael Brendel, Sr.

His son and daughter, Michael (aged 17) and Anna arrived in Portland, Maine USA on Feb. 22, 1913 and immigrated to Kansas City, Kansas USA.
Michael and Anna lived with their cousin Peter Brendel in Kansas City, Kansas USA.
Joseph's widow Margaretha Minor -Brendel arrived in the USA at a later date and lived with Michael in Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas.

Thank you for your time.
Interested in the following:
Family names: Brendel, Minor, Weigel, Rupp, There/Thierry, Herman/Herrmann
Towns: Preuss, Herzog, Obermonjur, Rohleder/Raskaty, Brabander, Keller, Dehler


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