Gerber aus Schäfer

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Gerber aus Schäfer

Сообщение squirrelgripper » 03 янв 2018, 04:55

hello from america.

can anyone help point me in the right direction. im trying to find more info of my great great grandparents and beyond.

Heinrich/henry Gerber and Marie Gerber/Wolf. came from as they spelled it Libofka/Lipowka russia. born of Schafer
marie was listed as being born in Danzig.

they had a child Christ/Christian gerber on december of 1911 and left and came to america in 1912. on the photo attached it looks to be heading to sheboygan Wisconsin and staying with a Jacob Knaup or Knaub it looks to be.

we have been researching and cant find any info past the little we know about henry and marie its a dead end
Henry and Christ are Lutherans is there any place i can see church records or something



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