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Общая информация по фамилиям колонии Streckerau

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Appelhans, Agnesia. Born (Streckerau, Marienberg?) in 1891/1892 and died in Pueblo San José, Coronel Suárez, Argentina in 1965. He married Georg Bohn before coming to South América.
Miguel Baal, father Joseph, born December 10, 1894. Relatives: Henry Fuhr, Cologne 2, Coronel Suarez.
Alexander Baal, father Michael, born Feb. 15, 1915.
Joseph BAAL - Ancestral File Gender: M Birth/Christening: < 1868 Streckerau, Volga Area, Ussr
Michel BAAL - Ancestral File Gender: M Birth/Christening: 10 Dec 1894 Streckerau, Volga Area, Ussr Mrs BAAL - Ancestral File Gender: F Birth/Christening: < 1872 Streckerau, Volga Area, Ussr Mrs Michel BAAL - Ancestral File Gender: F Birth/Christening: 1895 Streckerau, Volga Area, Ussr
James Baron Filipovich, nacido en 1887 Nació s.Shtrekkenrau, Basgal,
Becker /
Anna Susan Basgal b 1881, m 1899 Streckerau Russia, Russia d 1965 Edmonton, Canada + John Peter Ullman b 1879, Russia d 1961/1969.
Beckerle Apollonie (widow), in Frankfurt on der Oder, 1922.
BERGER, Marie b: 19 NOV 1909 in Streckerau, Saratov, RU. Married with Andreas Kern (Josefstal 1899/1939).in Minsk, 19/1/1927- Father Andreas Kern, mother Katharina Schafer.
Berger, Alexander, B. Streckerau 1888 Berger, Anna Maria b.1889 Streckerau,
Bohn, Heinrich born in 1863, (Dehler, Streckerau?) died 1937 in Chaco, Argentina +`Apolonia Duckwen born 1868, died 1943 in Chaco, Argentina. Children: Georg born 1890/1891 died 1956 in Pueblo San José, Coronel Suárez, Argentina, Adam (1894), Ksthryna (1897), Anna (1903), Eva (1905) and Andreas (1906/1984 in Chaco Argentina). The whole family came to Brazil in 1909, and after that to Argentina.
Burgardt /
Burgardt, Georg b, 1874 Streckerau, Russia, d.1956, Brazil, South America,
Burgardt, Johan Peter b. 15 Aug 1871, Streckerau, Russia. d. 12-Aug-56 Brazil, South America, BURGHARDT, Johann Georg, b. 1825, Pfeifer (Gnilushka), Saratov, Russia, d. Streckerau 1872
Russia in the parish of San Jose Village, in the book of receipts in 1905, Ms. BARBARA BURGHARDT appears, with her husband, Pedro SCHWINDTH, confirming his daughter Catalina, of 8years. Sponsor: Ana Haes or Kaes.
Boon Amalie single woman and child Helena.
Boon Andreas, Eva nee Gareis wife and 4 children, Katharina, Emanuel, Johannes and Alexander. In Frankfurt on der Oder, 1922.
DETZEL Michael, b. 1868 d, 1921
Detzel, Alexander, born in 1894. Michael´s son.
Dome, Pauline 1 Mar 1884 Streckerau, geb. Appelhans
Dukwen Peter (Duquesne) married Mary Lambrecht.
Erdle / Ertle, Ertle Johannes, with wife Amelie Boon an daughter Amelie, son George Jakob and Peter Jakob with wife Anna Schmidt., in Frankfurt on der Oder, 1922.
George Ertle, wife Katharina nee Rekowsky and Amalie child. In Frankfurt on der Oder, 1922,
Heim / Geim,
Jacob / Jakob, Anna Elisa, b. 1866 and husband Martín Sieben, b. 1860 in Schuck,
Jacob, father John, born March 16, 193. Relatives: Constantine Jacob, Colonia Santa Maria, and Nicholas Kakob Unanue, Tarago Station.Georg Jakob,
Peter Jakob, wife Margarete nee Anna Schmidt,
Jacob/Jalob, Pío, b. 1882, father Kaspar, mother Ana María Vogelman. He married Catalina Kloster in Puán, Argentina 14/11/1902.
Paul Jacob, , born on August 8, 1904.
Ana Jacob, born on November 10, 1906.
David Jacob, born March 18, 1912. Fischer,
GARREIS Gareis, Alejandro Gareis, wife Magdalena nee Neb and 4 children (Mary, Alexander, Joseph and Amalie)
Johannes Gareis, wife Elisabeth nee Ruppel and child Marga Reta, In Frankfurt on der Oder, 1922.
Garreis*Gareis, ?, wife Magdalena Nab, and children María, Alexander, Joseph and Amalie, in Frankfurt on der Oder, 1922.
Gette / Gotte,
Alexander Gette - Ancestral File Gender: M Birth / Christening: <1883 Streckerau, región del Volga, URSS Anna Gette - Ancestral File Gender: F Birth / Christening: 29 de febrero 1874 Streckerau, región del Volga, URSS señora Gette - Ancestral File Gender: F Birth / Christening: 1854 Streckerau, región del Volga, URSS
Heidt / HEID / Heut,, Georg, b. 13/10/1892,
Alexander HEIDT - Ancestral File Gender: M Birth/Christening: < 1883 Streckerau, Volga Area, Uss ,
Anna Heidt, born Gette, born on February 29, 1874.
Edmund Heidt, of remarriage, Anne Heidt, Marienberg, father Alexander, born on November 12, 1907.
Ellen Heidt, born March 11, 1911.
Amalia Heidt, widow Munz, Father Amadeo, born on January 21, 1877. Relatives: Edward Munz, F. Sobena Station
Heidt Augustine, father Joseph, born April 3, 1906.
Paulina Heidt, father Joseph, born on October 24, 1911.
Eva Heidt, born Berger, Father Augustine, born October 9, 1888.
Edward Heidt, father Peter, born April 25, 1911.
Jacob Pio, 1882, Streckerau, Russia, Parents: Jacob and Anna Maria Kaspar Vogelmann, Marriage: November 14, 1902, Puan, Argentina with (Catherine) KLOSTER.
Kerner, Valentin, Kerner, Annemarie (wife).
Kerner, Magdalene,
Körner, Annemarie and 1 grandchild, 59 years old,
Körner, Peter,
Korner, Magdalene (wife) and 4 children
Kuhn / Coon aus Streckerau (Novo-calentador) naypol@mail.ru :. Mi abuela Catalina Coon 1916g.r, nació en Streckerau. Su madre, Anna Kuhn, 1872g.r. (Deuteronomio fam. Desconocido) y su padre, José, 1878g.r .. Según los relatos hermanos del padre de mi abuela y sus familias emigraron a Estados Unidos, pero no se les permitió a los barcos que anclan cerca de la enfermedad de su padre, y se fueron a la región del Cáucaso, la abuela dijo que "en Tbilisi." Luego se fueron de nuevo en el Streckerau Bernoulli. La abuela de un hermano, Alexander parece haber sido inspector de escuelas. También hubo hermanos, pero no sé los nombres. Es de suponer que Kuhn / Koon se trasladó a la colonia Streckerau Göbel / Goebel. La religión católica. Estaré encantado de cualquier información sobre esta familia. Gracias. Paulina
LANG, Johannes, born ab. 1873, wife Margaretha Bohn. Married in 1897, moved to Topeka, Kansas, in Oct. 1912. Entered in USA Philadelphia, aboard the SS Haverford- In 1925 he changed his name to Long.
Maibach , ?
Munz of Shtrekerau:
New information on the names Munz. All - Ust-villagers Gryaznukha (Goebel), lived in s.Shtrekerau (Novokamenka) from 1890 to 1900 years for the arrival of Marienberg:
1. Munz Anna, born in 1892Godfather: Joseph Bauer and Anna Margaretha Detsel.
2. Munz Alexander, born in 1894 The recipients: Iyulius Munz and Catherine Detsel.
3. Emily A. Munz, 1895 DOB The recipients: Edward and Catherine Munz Detsel.
4.Munz Anna E., born 1896 Godfather: John and Anna Ginder Fours.
5. Munz Karlovna Louis, born in 1896 The recipients: Peter Haag and Amalia Munz.
6. Munz Roberdus Aleksandrovich, 1896 DOB The recipients: Roberdus Munz and Magdalena Sevaldt.
7. Munz Eduardovna Amalia, born in 1897 The recipients: Kaspar Fours and Katharina Munz.
8. Augustus A. Munz, 1898 DOB Recipients of Joseph and Anna Maria Gate Kerner.
9. Munz Karlovna Emilia, born 1898 The recipients: Johannes Growth and Margareta Berger.
10. Munz Yuliusovich Joseph, born in 1899 Recipients of Joseph and Elizabeth Bauer Gate.
Part 2: Update on the Munz family. All - Ust-villagers Gryaznukha (Goebel), lived in s.Shtrekerau (Novokamenka) from 1901 to 1913. PrihodyMarienberg (1901-1903) and Shtrekerau (1903-1913):
1. Munz Yuliusovich Edward, born in 1902 Godfather: John Koerner and A. MariyaMunts.
2. Alphonse A. Munz, 1902 DOB The recipients: PetrSommer and Catherine Vesner.
3. Munz Karlovic Edmund, born 1903 The recipients: Georg Bauer and Emily Munz.
4. Munz Yuliusovich Alvin, born 1904The recipients: Edward Kerner and Catherine Dettsel.
5. Munz Maria, born in 1904 The recipients: Ioganis Ostertag and Catherine Dettsel.
6. Munz Karl Karlovich, born 1905 The recipients: PetrGoot and Maria Munz.
7.Munz Albertovna Amalia, born in 1906 Recipients of Yves. Peter and Dettsel AmaliyaGeydt.
8. Munz Yuliusovna Angelica, born 1907 The recipients: PetrGaal and Maria Anna Berger.
9. Munz Maria, born in 1907 The recipients: IvanRost and Magdalena Lello.
10. Amalia A. Munz, 1909 DOB Recipients of Philip and Amalia Greenwald Gate.
11. Munz Anatoly Karlovich, born in 1910 The recipients: Vinzenz Lello and Anna Vezner.
12. Catherine A. Munz, born 1911 (Twin). Recipients of Alexander Bauer Vezner and Lizaveta.
13. Munz Victoria A., 1911 DOB (Twin).The recipients: Pius Ostertag and Lizaveta Munz.
14. Munz, Alexander Karlovich, born 1913 Recipients of Alexander Munz and Amalia Gate.
Source: For Munz: State Symphony Orchestra. F.365 (.viewtopic.php?f=258&t=1196)
REKOWSKI, Rekowsky Johannes, wife Pauline Jakob, and their children Alejandro and Paulina, in Frankfurt on der Oder, 1922.
Paul Jacob, born on August 8, 1904.
Ana Jacob, born on November 10, 1906.
David Jacob, born March 18, 1912.
Hans Peter Rekowsky, wife Katharina Schmidt single and 4 children (Amalie, Mary, George, Alexander). In Frankfurt on der Oder, 1922,
ROLEW, Katharina, 10/03/1896.
Rolheiser, Johann, 22/04/1883.
SCHAMNE Martin Schamne, father Joseph, born February 10, 1884. Relatives: Peter Asselborn, Villa Maria, Cordoba.
Schamne Margaret, born Weigel, Father Peter, born on February 27, 1884.
Schell, Schuetz, ?
Schnitz, ?
Sieben Philiip b: 1863 & Elisabeth Blattner b: 1872. This couple WAS found in one of the War Records files Odessa on the Web Site. They are listed as in Streckerau Being Born, Selmann.
There is one named Michael Sieben listed b: apr 14 1889 Who was married to Mary Schabune b: dec 15, 1898 Ryme. Their children are Joseph, Anna, Johannes, and Emilie. Does anyone know anything about this family?
Martin (Martin) Sieben (born in 1860 in Cologne Schuck, Bergseite, Russia) and his wife Ana Elisa Jacob (born in 1866 in Cologne Streckerau.
Siegel, ?
Johannes Schmidt, G. (G.) 1888. resident of Canton Shtrekerau Zelmanskogo Saratov region farmer arrested on 15 December 1938. shot on 18 December 1938 in Saratov
Spahn, Johannes Georg b. 1873 d. 14/11/1922, Topeka, Kansas
Stang, Anna b. 1898
Stadelmann, Anna 18 Aug 1905 Streckerau, Selmann A3342EWZ50-I020 0276 geb. Graf
Stang, Anna, Streckerau b, 1898,
Stephan , Josef, wife Hanna and daughter /
Stephanus, Stephanus, Anna Margaret ?
Ullman, John Peter b: 03/14/1879 in Streckerau province of Samara, Russia d: 19/02/1967 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Married with Anna Susan Basgal (1881/1965) in Streckerau and moved to Canada in 1899, Children; Margaret (1900) Alexander John (1901)m Joseph John (1903) and John (1906).
ULLMAN, Juan Pedro Jr. "Jim" b: 10/01/1918 in Alberta, Canada,
ULLMAN, Joseph John b: 12/22/1903 in Streckerav, Russia d: 11/18/1965,
Ullman, John Alexander b : 03/08/1901 in Streckerav, Russia d: 10/08/1983 in Arkansas, Texas.
ULLMAN, Annie Margaret b: 03/01/1900 in Streckerav, Russia d: 10/29/1900 in Streckerav
Wesner / Anna and Josef, in Frankfurt on der Oder, 1922,
Wesener Wessner. Jakob, 1871
Wessner/Wesner, Georg ?

The following files are all of people born in Streckerau, but listed in Frankfurt on der Oder in 1922

HEIDT(Gette) 29/02/1874
JACOB, Jacobo 16/03/? With family in UNANUE, Colonia Santa María: Constantino Jacob and nicolás Jakob, from Estación Tarago?.
JACOB, Paulina 8/8/1909
JACOB, Ana 10/11/1906
JACOB, David 18/03/1912
HEIDT, Edmundo 12/11/1907 Father: Alexander
HEIDT, Elena 11/03/1911
HEIDT, Amalia 21/01/1877 Father: Amadeo. Family in Argentina: Eduardo Munz y Juan Fähr
HEIDT, Agustín3 /4/1906 Father: Joseph
HEIDT, Paulina 24/10/1911 Father: Joseph. Brother and sister with Agustín?
HEIDT, EVA (born Berger) 9/10/1888
HEIDT, Eduardo 25/11/1911 Father: Peter
BAAL, Miguel 10/12/1894 Father: José. Family in Argentina: Enrique Fuhr, Pueblo San José, Coronel Suárez.
BAAL, Alejandro 15/02/1905 Father: Miguel
SCHAMNE, Martín 10/02/1884 Father: Joseph. Family in Argentina: Pedro Asselborn. Villa María, Córdoba.
SCHAMNE, Margarita 27/02/1884


KÖRNER, Annemarie In Frankfurt on der oder, 1922, 59 years old, with 1 Granchild
KÖRNER, Peter + Magdelene Husband and wife. In Frankfurt on ther Oder, 1922, with 4 children
STEPHAN, Anna In Frankfurt on der Oder, 1922 With a daughter
KERNER, Valentín + Kerner, Annemarie + Kerner, Magdalene (daughter?) In Frankfurt on der Oder, 1922
Burgardt, Georg 1898
BURGARDT, Johan Peter1871 / 12/8/56, in Brazil
Burghardt, Johann Georg b. 1825(Pfeifer) living in 1872 in Streckerau
BOHN, Anna Margaret b. ?? d. Nov.1963 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois
BOHN, Katharine b. ?? d. ?? in Gallup, New México
RESER, Alexander b, ?? d, in 18/11/1934 Chicago, Cook, Illinois
BOHN, Johannes John b. 1891 d. 26/2/1983 in Doylestown, Pennsylvania
BERGER (nee Günter) 2/5/1892 Father: Peter
BERGER, Johannes 01/08/1912Father: Johannes